Internist in New York City

Internal Medicine at St. Claire Medical encompasses comprehensive medical and preventive care for a wide range of conditions affecting adults. We recommend visits on a regular basis for ongoing wellness care and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other serious conditions. Dr. St. Claire strives to develop a trusting, long-term relationship with each person who comes to our practice as part of his mission to always deliver the highest quality of care.

Evidence-Based medicine is a key component of his all-inclusive approach to good health. Dr. St. Claire will guide you through the complex cancer screening process, educating you on age-appropriate testing to maximize early detection and diagnose the presence of any disease before it has progressed.

St. Claire Medical aims to provide prompt and effective care for people with acute medical concerns so that they can return to optimal health and resume their regular activities. Dr. St. Claire can offer same-day or next-day care. » Learn More

Evidence Based Medicine is a key component of Dr. St. Claire's all-inclusive approach to good health ... » More

Over one million people in the US are diagnosed with cancer each year. While there is usually no way to prevent cancer ... » More

We are proud to offer on-time and same-day appointments for your convenience. For information or to schedule an ... » More