Understanding High Cholesterol: 5 Foods to Watch Out For

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013, 10:04 pm

In today’s world, an old adage still rings true: You are what you eat. This is never truer than when we’re talking about cholesterol!  While your activity level, genetics and lifestyle choices certainly play a role in maintaining healthy numbers, diet and cholesterol are inherently tied with one another.  And sometimes, it all comes down to knowing what to avoid.  In an attempt to help you make the healthiest choices possible, we wanted to share a few of the “biggest culprits” to watch out for.  Ready to see how your diet stacks up?

Here is our list of the Top 5 Foods to Watch Out For:

Cheese. Question: What’s not to love about cheese?  Answer:  All the saturated fat.  Cheeses – whether hard or soft – contain a lot of what’s called “saturated fat.”  Besides packing in calories, saturated fat is linked to high levels of LDL or “bad” cholesterol. So, next time you’re at a party and the cheese board comes out, think about turning the other way!

Eggs. Eggs are one of the most well-known sources of dietary cholesterol – but, you don’t have to cut them out altogether.  According to the American Heart Association, “An egg can fit within heart-healthy guidelines for those people only if cholesterol from other sources — such as meats, poultry and dairy products — is limited.”

Red Meat. Did you know that vegetarians tend to have naturally lower levels of cholesterol?  All meats – particularly red meat – contain a significant amount of saturated fat, a major player in the war on cholesterol.  If you’re going to be sticking with meat, think about choosing lean chicken and fish over steaks or sausages.

Shrimp. While shrimp are generally low in calories, they can actually pack a punch when it comes to dietary cholesterol.  While saturated fat is more of a concern than dietary cholesterol, it’s still something to be thinking about!

Fast Food. If the calories aren’t enough to keep you away, understand that fast food can be one of the worst choices you can make if you’re worried about high cholesterol.  Typically deep-fried and packed with saturated fat, think about bringing a bag lunch instead of visiting the drive-thru.

Understanding High Cholesterol

While the body requires a certain amount of cholesterol, too much can be a recipe for disaster.  Hindering blood flow through the arteries, high cholesterol can contribute to complications such as stroke or heart attack.  Thankfully, modern medicine affords us a host of ways to track and treat this all-too-common condition.

Each patient that comes to us with concerns of high cholesterol receives a comprehensive, customized treatment plan, suited to their medical needs and goals.  We will often recommend lifestyle changes such as a modified diet and a weight loss plan.  For some patients, more aggressive treatments may be required.  These can include medications and hormone replacement among others.  What’s important to remember is that the sooner you take care of your high cholesterol, the better!

High Cholesterol Treatment in New York City

To learn more about managing cholesterol or to schedule a checkup, we encourage you to contact us today at (212) 932-7538. Our mission is to get and keep you healthy!

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