Our Approach


To get and keep our people healthy.


To provide complete, coordinated, and cooperative care

Complete Care

  • We see our people, not as faceless patients, but, rather, as real people just like us. We never call our people "patients."
  • We address our people by their names.
  • We focus not simply on the urgent problems at hand, but also on the whole person.
  • We believe in prevention and ensure our people are up-to-date with their recommended screening tests and immunizations.

Coordinated Care

  • We establish and maintain close relationships with other health care providers.
  • We provide care that is integrated across all elements of the healthcare system (specialists, hospitals, home health, nursing homes) and community (family, public, private).
  • We refer to those who are accessible and compassionate and who have outstanding communication skills.
  • We have a system to ensure that consultants always report back to us in writing.
  • We solicit feedback from patients about their experiences with their health care providers.

Cooperative Care

  • We seek long-term relationships with our people by providing easy access, prompt appointments, and friendly service.
  • We start by listening and learning what our people prefer and need. Then, we deliver the care they seek that is appropriate and of the highest quality.

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